Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Zadeh, from Z Center of Cosmetic Health. We're doing another CoolSculpting treatment now. We have a lot of other videos that will go over the technology behind CoolSculpting. This is an actual treatment that we're doing on a client here who's concerned about bulges of fat just on her upper thighs. So we have the areas marked out here. You can see right there when we squeeze, we can see the peak of the fat bulge there and here, that's where we're going to apply the applicators.

Okay, so what we do first is we put on a cool, moist gel pad. You're going to feel a little sloppy wet right now, and that will protect the skin from the suction and the freezing of the sculpting device. We're just smoothing the air bubbles out of the gel now. We put the applicator on there. We're using the CoolCurve applicator, which is good for these hard-to-get areas. We lined up the center area we want treated. Very good. Okay. You okay up there? Okay, good. Now you're gonna feel the suctioning. This is where it may feel a little uncomfortable. We started the treatment. So each treatment takes an hour. We'll come back in an hour and we'll take it off.

So the treatment is complete now. We're going to turn off the suction and gently take the device off. Good. You see the area there that's being treated there. We'll take the gel pad off now, and we're just gonna massage it down. You may feel a little discomfort as the massage is being done. You want to massage it for about three to five minutes or so.

Okay, so that's turning out nicely. We're going to do the other side the exact same way.

"Banana Rolls" Be Gone! Woman's Upper Thighs Get a CoolSculpting Makeover

Dr. Michael Zadeh performs a CoolSculpting procedure to get rid of unwanted fat from just below the buttocks (commonly referred to as "banana rolls"). CoolSculpting is an excellent way to contour the thighs without surgery.