Dr. Windle here in Seattle. I'm talking a little bit about rhinoplasty or nose job recovery. Many patients come in wondering how long will it be until they can get back out into the world. In other words, how long will it be until they're recovered?

The answer I generally give is about three to five days, depending upon when the splint is removed. As soon as your splint's off, you're generally good to go. You may have a little bit of bruising around your eyes, but makeup will almost always cover that. And so that's the answer, about five days maximum, maybe a little bit more with bruising, but really that's about it for a nose job. So I hope that helps.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: This Is How You Might Look After a Nose Job

Dr. Brian Windle talks about rhinoplasty recovery, touching on when you'll most likely look good enough to go out (possibly with the help of a little makeup).