My personal approach to facelift is to really make it an individualized procedure. Everyone's face is different, everyone ages differently. And there's a lot of different areas of the face that can age. It can be the cheeks for some people. It can be the jowls for some people. It can be the neck for some people. What we really need to do is come up with an individualized approach that can create a more youthful appearance but at the same time maintain the natural look.

Most people don't want to dramatically change who they are. They just want to look younger and remove some of the things that bother them. And by really trying to come up with an individualized approach and combine some of the different techniques that we have, we can get maximum results while yet at the same time minimizing the recovery time. And I think that it's really important to focus on the details and really be precise with the things that we do. And the attention to detail is what allows me to try to get the best results for the people that they want to get.

I remind everyone that we're not going to remove every sign of aging that's going to occur. I would rather leave a wrinkle behind and have it look more natural than try to overdo it and have it look operated. To me, a facelift should be a subtle procedure. Subtlety is really important in plastic surgery. The goal of facelift is not to have someone say "Wow, great facelift." It's for someone to be told "Wow, you look great!" And it's such a big difference.

This Individualized Approach to a Facelift Allows For More Attention to Detail

Dr. Rockmore discusses the importance of treating each face uniquely, and taking an individualized approach to facelifting. The importance of a natural result is discussed, as well as the limitations of the procedure.