Hello everyone, this is Dr. Majmudar [SP] getting his Dermapen treatment for my acne scars. Jill, my licensed aethetician here is performing the treatment, and we are using the deepest setting available on our Dermapen device, so we can get some good penetration and some tightening of the skin. This is my fourth treatment, and we've had some great results so far. My very superficial and shallow scars are all pretty much all gone, and we are now working on the deeper scars, which of course take a little bit more time.

Jill has applied a product that has a combination of moisturizers and Retin-A and some stem cell biosignals, so not stem cells themselves, but the actual signals that come from stem cells, and the combination also helps with tightening the skin, and it places the skin in a more youthful environment. Jill also treated me with some topical anesthetic, and despite using the deepest setting on the Dermapen, the procedure is pretty much painless because of the topical anesthetic that was placed.

You'll see Jill going over the areas that we've been treating, a number of different times, and that's to give some overlap in the areas that we are treating and to be a little more aggressive, to give me some skin tightening as well as improvement of the scars. Dermapen also increases collagen in the skin, and so it can give you a volumized effect in the cheek, which I've noticed over the last three months has been increasing, probably my favorite part of the treatment. It gives you a little volume in the skin itself, so when you have thin skin, it helps thicken it a little bit. Works great right before a face lift or right before any kind of treatment where we require an increase in blood flow to the skin. All right, and that's one side. We're going to the next side. That's it.

Stem Cells Biosignals Used to Battle Acne Scarring

Dr. Mike Majmundar undergoes a Dermapen treatment for acne scarring. Stem cell biosignals are also used for optimal results.