I imagine that the same stresses that exist for me exist in any town with any surgeon. There are universal things amongst people around the world. I see people from all over the world and they have the same internal dynamics. They care about their appearances. Some are neurotic. Some are extremely detail oriented. Some have body dysmorphic disorder. Some are very specific about what they want to have done and they’re very easy to please and others are not and it crosses social economic boundaries and it crosses cultural boundaries as well.

I think what might be different about being where I'm at is that many of my clients are so exposed in the media, that the people who are viewing them is a greater population and so there's more exposure of your work which puts a little bit of a higher stress on me as a surgeon perhaps whether that's imagined by me, I'm not sure. The other thing is that my clients oftentimes, probably even more so than others, need to get away with it and not be caught or exposed and wind up on or something like that.

The other thing is that my practice draws from all over the world whether it's valid or not, people believe that things are better in Beverly Hills because it is the media capital of the world and people that I see have come from as far away as Mozambique, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Australia, France, Finland, Estonia. That's a very fun thing to have a little office somewhere in California and see people from all over the globe but I think that when people travel that far, then their expectations go up. They're spending more time in effort and it's only natural to have them believe that they are going to get a better value or at least value for their trip and their time and their effort.

That puts a little more onus on me and don't misunderstand me, I like having the pressure on me. I think that's how it rises me to become a better surgeon and to hone my game and actually focus more on detail and offer better results but sometimes I can feel the pressure, maybe more so than I would in another environment. I really don't know.

This Is What It's Like to Be a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

For every high there is a low. Dr. Andrew Frankel may have some high-profile clients, but they also bring some serious stress along with them.