Usually, we start off a little slower with patients, we go with with what their overall concern is. In many of those patients, it's volume loss. Using a filler in those areas is something we see regularly. For those patients, you have some bruising and some swelling for a few days is anticipated.

And then sometimes, we progress to other treatments, like the surfacing lasers and those can take about a week to heal. And those are pretty significant procedures, but they have a tremendous reward in really etched outlines and taking care of some of those lines that are imprinted in the skin. so a week of downtime, a week of healing, a week of weeping and moon care is something really we need to expect.

The Risks and Side Effects of Treating Wrinkles with Lasers and Injectable Fillers

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses the risks and side effects of treating wrinkles with lasers and injectable fillers.