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  • The Keller Breast Funnel
This is a great addition to my breast augmentation and breast enhancement practice. This is called a Keller breast funnel, and what this really has done is allowed me to decrease the amount of operating time for breast implants. It allows me to perform a completely no touch breast technique. What that means is that the breast implant never touches anybody's hands, never touch the patient's skin, and therefore has a much lower chance of carrying bacteria into the breast when the implant is put in. Why does that matter? Well, it matters because less bacteria means less chance of infection, but more importantly less chance of having a problem like capsular contracture, or scarring around the implant ten years later, of seven years later.

Capsular contracture is the scarring that happens around an implant or what some people refer to as hardening of the implant. We don't know exactly what causes this, but we've all pretty much agreed that it probably has to do with a small amount of bacteria that's present at the time that the implant's put in. This is great, and I'll show you how this works. The implant which is soaking in antibiotic solution is poured into the funnel. At this point, nothing's touching the implant yet. This works essentially like a medical pastry bag. Now, there's a small incision.

The implant funnel is put in, and see just like that the implant is inside the breast. It's never touched my hands. It's never touched the hands of my assistant. It's never touched the skin of the breast, so I'm able to do this procedure through a smaller incision than I normally would. The operating time is less, approximately 15 or 20 minutes less because I'm not fighting with the implant.

We've all seen shows where people are pushing the implant, and trying to force that implant in through a small incision. That risks rupturing the implant not necessarily that day, but maybe five years later. Some of the reasons why an implant ruptured is because of the trauma that was put on the implant at the time that it was put in.

Less bacteria means less chance of infection, less chance of capsular contracture, and overall my patients have been extremely happy with this new addition to my breast augmentation, breast enhancement practice. I love this funnel.

The Keller Breast Funnel

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses the Keller Breast Funnel technique.