Hair transplant is something that's changed a lot over the last couple of years. We are doing much more natural work, much more refined work. On the day, we're doing bugs, just stripes at the back of the hair which we still do, to very advanced techniques where we're isolating individual hairs and creating an incredibly natural result now where you really can't tell it's been operated on.

I would see common things being common, the bulk of our hair transplant still worked that we're doing for scalp hair. But as we become much more sophisticated and our ability to transplant hair in a much more natural manner has evolved. We are now transplanting areas that we may not have thought of a couple of years ago and that's for women, eyebrows, an extremely common area that we're transplanting for women with loss hair or have thin eyebrows and for men, beard transplants. Facial hair in society now is a big trend and there's a lot of men who want to wear a beard who can't so that's another area we're transplanting quite frequently these days.

These are permanent hairs. They're natural hairs. They're going to grow just as any hair does. So within two weeks in fact, we can trend, we can shave, we can treat those hairs very naturally.

What Are the New Trends in Hair Transplants For Men and Women?

Dr. Jamil Asaria explains the new trends in hair transplants, as well as how you should care for it after the procedure.