Especially what symmastia is is the implants are placed too close together and there's a separation. What happens then is the implants essentially touch to a varying degree. On the internet, it's called breadloafing or uni-boob. There's a number of common terms. It's very hard to fix, but essentially what it involves is reestablishing that fold so you can differentiate the right side from the left side instead of having essentially just communication.

Generally what we do is we tack the fold down with sutures. We also reinforce that too with a graft such as Strattice or Siri, which is one of the newer grafts but that should only be performed by somebody who does a lot of secondary breast revisions. So it's a very complicated procedure.

The Dreaded Uni-Boob: What Is It and How Is It Fixed?

One boob to rule them all... No way! Dr. Greg Buford explains what causes symmastia (aka "uni-boob") and how it can be fixed in surgery.