The trends in plastic surgery are interesting because there's lots of things that come and go based on one celebrity. For instance, Kim Kardashian's butt, for one week, was popular. But the reality is the number one trend we see, the number one trend that I see, and I think our patients are demanding more universally, is to look natural, to look natural and not know they had something done. This, to me, is the most important trend and I believe that physicians are responding to this by now learning and offering treatments that are minimally invasive, they give wonderful results, but with just minor changes. What we have not been trained to understand in the past, but what we're learning today, is that all it takes is minor change in the face, a one millimeter change in the corner of the mouth, or the nose, or the eye, to completely alter the perception you project. It's not these big changes, these big, significant, sweeping changes of the face that make you look more attractive. Rather it's small, little changes that impart on the subconscious mind, that you can barely detect, but that make you project a better first impression. So the trends are to do natural results, minimal results, minimal changes, that result in major improvements in the first impression you project. That, to me, is the number one trend.

The Biggest Trend in Plastic Surgery Might Not Be What You Think

Dr. Steven Dayan explains that while there are body part trends, the thing most commonly sought after by his patients is a natural look.