There are many anti-aging, beautifying treatments that are now available, whether you're watching TV, infomercials, or walking into your doctor's office, they run from skin creams and topical all the way up to neurotoxins such as Botox, and Dysport, and fillers and even surgical procedures. And what's best for you varies. Everyone's completely different. What we have to understand is that beautifying treatments include so many things from make-up and hair care, and getting your nails done, to surgery procedures. Each one of these can make you feel better about yourself. And the goal with cosmetic treatments is to feel good about yourself. Whatever it takes for you to feel good about yourself that's the best treatment for you. So for many people it may must just be a confidence building measure such as putting on make-up every day and that's all you need. For other people they may benefit from a filler neurotoxin or even a surgical procedure.

What Are the Top Anti-Aging Products and Treatments?

Dr. Steven Dayan explains that while there are a multitude of anti-aging products and treatments available, each patient wants and needs something a little different.