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  • Doctors Doing Good: Teenage Cancer Survivor Gets His Hair Back
Dr. Epstein: Hi, this is Dr. Epstein. I have an interesting case with a very interesting patient. This is Blake. Blake is 17 years old. He comes to us from the midwest. When he was nine years old he had a tumor of the brain, which was treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

He, obviously, has done very well, but he was left with some scarring, what we call alopecia, or bald areas of scarring, on the back of his head. These are procedures I've done in the past as a result of the radiation therapy basically burned out the follicles. We've had success with these cases in the past being able to do transplants into this area, and we get good growth of hair.

So anyway, he came to us from quite a distance. I've been doing these cases sort of to give back. Part of it's through Operation Restore, and part of it's just through our own work to basically help these guys out. He's a good kid, so let's take a look and see what we're going to do.

Come around this way, Cindy.

You can basically see, this is the area where he's lost his hair. This is this scar from his surgery. What we're going to do is we're going to transplant all through here and all through here. Basically, he's not going to have to worry anymore once these hairs grow out about when the wind blows this area becoming exposed.

Anyway, the procedure itself should take probably around four hours. Our hope is to get around 700, maybe up to 900 grafts. The donor hair is going to have to be above this scarring. So we're going to have to go up into here. Fortunately, there's no family history of hair loss, so the chances of that area, if he was to start losing hair, undergoing male pattern hair loss is unlikely. He should do great.

Anyway, do you have any words, Blake? OK. Man of few words. He just shakes his head no. Anyway, this is Dr. Epstein. Thank you.

Doctors Doing Good: Teenage Cancer Survivor Gets His Hair Back

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein gets ready to perform a free hair transplant on a teenage cancer survivor.