Every patient who chooses to have some change in their appearance needs to have a mature outlook on what they want, just not tomorrow, but really what they want down the line. I think that breast implants are really appropriate in some young women. The youngest woman I have done was 14 years old. She had a very significant asymmetry, was an honor student, and has done very, very well. A patient who is 17 and maybe still developing a little bit, may want the implants for the wrong reason, to look great at the junior prom, or the senior prom if she's dating a senior. That really is the wrong reason and it's important during your consultation to kind of ferret out what the patient wants and why they want it, and a lot of it is a judgement call. Telling a patient that they may not be a good candidate for a certain procedure at a certain time often is not what they want to hear but it often is what they need to hear.

Teenage Breast Augmentations Are a Judgement Call

When it comes to breast augmentations in teenagers, Dr. Lisa Sowder says she has performed surgery on a girl as young as 14, but it was a case of severe asymmetry. It comes down to a judgement call for parents and the doctor.