I have noticed that a lot of women, usually in their 50's, sometimes 60's, have gone up in breast size, gone up in weight a little bit, particularly in those years following menopause. And a woman who may have been really small breasted in her 20's or 30's gets implants suddenly finds that postmenopausal, those large breasts are making her look matronly rather than voluptuous, and that is the line I don't know anybody wants to cross.

I will often counsel those patients to have their implants removed and they often have enough breasts tissue to do a pretty nice breast lift and they'll end up with a B or a C or even a D cup that looks good, is maintenance free, and makes them look slimmer all over. And those are some of my happiest patients.

Breast Implant Removal Post-Menopause

When women reach menopause, Dr. Lisa Sowder says they often come back in asking to remove their implants.