I think using technology during a consultation can be really helpful, both for me and for the patient. I like to take photographs during the consultation and download them to the iPad. Then I use software that helps morph the image so that we can anticipate a realistic post-op result. I like to use this because I think that it shows the patient what a realistic result is but it also gives me an idea of what they believe is a beautiful post-op result.

Then, at the same time, once we agree on what our goals are and what is possible, then I can email the patient that image before and after at that moment so that they have that to take home with them, even if they've forgotten some of the things that we've talked about.

So, in terms of home products for this kind of software, image morphing, there are actually apps on the iPad that you can download, on the iPad and iPhone that I have patients come in and already have played with to come up with an image that they are looking for post-op. It is helpful to me so I can see where their mind's at and what they consider to be a beautiful result but, of course, it's no substitute for doing image morphing together with them so that I can weigh in on what is actually possible.

This Technology Is Changing the Way Plastic Surgeons Conduct Their Consultations

Dr. Dara Liotta explains how 3D technology is changing the way she conducts her consultations.