Three things that you should know is that it's a small incision that's placed underneath the chin, in the shadow of the chin, so even though it is an incision, it's about a centimeter and a half long. It is going to be a small scar. Obviously we do everything we can to make it as small and not noticeable a scar as possible, but you should be aware that you will have that incision and some stitches underneath the chin for a chin implant.

Number two is really that three month healing time for a chin implant to feel like it's your own. It may feel stiff initially. You may even have a little tingling. It may feel weird when you pucker, but rest assured, after that three months, that's when you'll have your final result. And the last thing is that most of the time even though it makes a huge impact for the patient to have a chin implant, most people don't even notice. [laughs] People should feel like it's something that they can do that makes a big impact to their look, and the way they feel about themselves, but it isn't something that changes your overall self and who you are. It really does make a nice improvement on you, not change.

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Chin Implants

If your plastic surgeon suggests a chin implant, here are three important facts you should know before taking the plunge.