With regards to tattoo removal, the laser that I utilize is called the PicoSure. It really set the new standard in tattoo removal in the world. There are only about 30 or 40 of these machines available worldwide right now. They're handmaid; they take a long time to build.

I, personally, was never interested in tattoo removal until this technology became available because it's just so much more effective than anything that's ever been out there before. You get a much quicker result so you see immediate changes after one treatment typically. Most patients can expect that the majority, if not the entire tattoo can be removed in four to six treatments. This is a huge leap over the technology that's been available for the past 20 years where patients would frequently undergo 15-20 treatments without complete removal of the tattoo.

I often see patients that have been through 10 treatments with some of the more traditional lasers that are out there with very minimal difference before coming and having one treatment with the PicoSure and seeing a difference after that one treatment.

PicoSure: How This Doctor Uses the Laser to Remove Tattoos

Getting a tattoo removed? Dr. Sean A. Simon discusses how he makes use of PicoSure in his practice.