This is Dr. Epstein with a patient who is five months out from a surgical hairline advancement. I've said this before, these are among some of my happiest patients, they get really nice results if they are appropriate candidates. She is a woman in her mid-20s, early-20s actually, she presented with an overly high hairline, she felt it was too high, you can see her before photos. I might, I don't want to show her face but you can see where her eyebrows are and she was at around 9 centimeters, 10 centimeters above her eyebrow region. Here she is today, I'm going to cover it up because she doesn't want to let the whole world know she had this done but here's her eyebrows now and you can see how nicely she's healed up. You can see that incision which is barely, I mean really, just about imperceptible, she's got some hairs growing through it; it's a very fine line incision. She is now at around 5 1/2, 6 centimeters above her eyebrow so we were able to get her around 4 centimeters, almost 5 centimeters of advancement, you can see out laterally, the incision carries out into the temple hairs. So you can overall see how nicely she's done and then on this side too, she looks great.

Anyway, so she's an example of a surgical hairline advancement, these are nice procedures, it's a one stage technique that allows a hairline to be basically pulled forward, a female hairline to be pulled forward by as much as an inch and a half, sometimes even two inches, it depends on how flexible the scalp is. The recovery, as she just told me, she never took a pain pill, she did great. Stitches get removed in around five, six days, most patients are pretty much presentable like 5, 6 days once those stitches come out, any little swelling or bruising is gone.

Surgical Hairline Advancement Shrinks a Large Forehead

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient who is 5 months out after her operation to surgically advance her hairline. She had expressed discontent over a large forehead so her hairline has been brought forward and the scar is almost unnoticeable.