Doctor: We will be performing temple revolumization with Juvederm Ultra XC with a cannula method. I have already prepared the entry site right here hidden in the hairline. I've chosen a 27 gauge 1.5 inch cannula and then made the entry site with a 25 gauge needle. The area was pretty numb with Lidocaine 1% with Epinephrine. So we enter the entry point and it goes into the subcutaneous plane. I advanced the cannula to the area in which I want to treat. We'll start superiorly and then I start to fill. Fill slowly and gently and withdraw the cannula just a bit. Massage the area to flatten down the volume that I just placed in there. So ideally on a female temple, we'd want that temple to be flush or slightly concave but never too concave and we do not want the brow bone to be too prominent. So right now we're making the temple flatter and then actually lifts the eyebrow, lifts the lid just a bit. I'm also going to put some volume inside the hairline area over here. The cannula slides very easily in the subcutaneous plane. I'm filling here in the hairline and that provides even more lift. And you can get a lot of mileage out of just a little bit of volume using the cannula method in providing volume in this subcutaneous plane. I'm done here. I've used about .4 CCs to revolumize her temple and this has created a very nice projection of her temple making that beautiful C-curve with her cheek.

Sunken Temples Are a Real Headache! Give Them a Good Plumping With Juvederm

Dr. Andrea Hui demonstrates how Juvederm Ultra XC is injected to provide volume to sunken temples and to lift the brow.