Doctor: We're going to revolumize the forehead today using the cannula method. As you can see there is a concavity of her forehead which we should revolumize because what that does is to make the brow less prominent. The brow being prominent and the brow bone is more of a masculine feature and if we can provide a nice convexity to her forehead to make it more round that will be more feminine. So what I've done is I made an entry point right here and I've chosen Belotero Balance as my hyaluronic acid filler, this integrates really well into the collagen. And I've chosen a 27 gauge 1.5 inch cannula to fill the area. So I'm going to go through my entry point. Sometimes you'll run into a few dermal connections on the skin to the underlying musculature and that can be just a little pinch for the patient but overall not too painful. So I've advanced my cannula to the area I want to fill and I will start filling. Belotero Balance is great for here because you really reduce your chances of aggregation or nodularity. It smoothly integrates into the underlying tissue and I'll just put little volume. You don't need much because the area is tight. Just a little bit, withdraw your cannula, smooth, gentle pressing and you can see actually the forehead lines are disappearing because we are revolumizing the area providing just a little bit of convexity, the female convexity. A little bit out of it, move, gently press, smooth that out. No lumps, no bumps. It's very comfortable for the patient. How are you feeling?

Patient: Fine.

Doctor: And just advance the cannula to the next area. Okay there, a little volume. Smooth it out, a little bit more volume, smooth it out. You can see the shadows already disappearing as compared with the very beginning. Advance in a little bit more to the other side, a little volume, flatten it out. So we're just finishing up on the other side and what's so interesting is using an AJ product to fill the forehead allows us to face the forehead lines without the need for Botox. The lines are literally gone and we've also achieved a very feminine convexity to her forehead and it has lifted the mid-brow. Now I've only put in .2 of the Belotero Balance and I just think that this is a really great technique. It's a great product that use a very natural look. And there we have it.

Filling a Concave Forehead Restores Femininity to the Face

To provide a feminine convexity and lifting of the mid-brow, Dr. Andrea Hui injected Belotero Balance into the mid-forehead.