What is subliminal difference?

Subliminal difference is a concept we came up with, which I'm passionate about. And I believe that it's something that resonates and is important to all consumers. Subliminal difference means that the results that you get, the results that you're going to get if you come to our office or to others who practice subliminal difference, nobody's gonna know that you had anything done because you're going to look natural.

You will look better. We can prove that you make a better first impression, your quality of life will go higher, and you'll look natural. No one will know those [inaudible 00:00:33] are done. How do I know this? Because I've studied this, and we've proved it. Over the last seven years, we've done multiple trials to prove that patients who get cosmetic treatments. And when it's done appropriately, when it's done natural, when it's done within the context of your face, nobody should know you had it done. You should project a better first impression, and your quality of life should be higher. And I've published at least four or five papers on this.

Patients are demanding to look more natural. As physicians, it's our job to respond, and I think we have today. And I think our training may have been a little bit off on a tangent for many, many years. We were making patients not look so normal. But I think it's important that today, when a patient comes in and says, "I want to look natural," that we respond, and we make them look natural. And subliminal difference assures that patients are going to look natural. It's a philosophy mostly, followed by minor techniques with minimally invasive procedures to make patients look better, feel better, project a better first impression, and nobody knows anything done.

What Is Subliminal Difference? Get Major Results With No Signs of Surgery

Dr. Steven Dayan explains the idea behind subliminal difference treatments, which are a grouping of treatments designed specifically for each patient that provide staggering results with minimal to no surgery or downtime.