It hurts. That's why because we actually a lot of heat when we do the procedure -- the head of the actual instrument that has to run over the glands destroying them by heat. We can't do it without anesthesia. The good news is that we don't have to put people to sleep for that. We don't even have to use general anesthesia. What we use is topical anesthesia first, which is cream basically. You apply the cream and numb the surface of the skin. We actually use a typical lidocaine like a dentist uses or anybody else that is using injectable local anesthesia.

After that, it actually is quite tolerable. Most patients don't have pain. As the recovery goes, they have some swelling and some discomfort in the armpit. That obviously varies between the patients from nothing at all to a couple of weeks of discomfort in the area. The good news is that people are so happy about the changes that they really don't care. The next morning they don't sweat, they take it with as a part of the procedure. Even patients who are really having a few days of discomfort, they take Motrin and anti-inflammatory medications, and recover well. We've never had long-term problems with this.

Stop Sweating For Good With New miraDry Technology

Dr. Gregory Turowski discusses a relatively new technology called miraDry, which attacks the sweat glands of the underarms to destroy them and prevent you from excessively sweating for good.