My name is Dr. Naveen Setty, and today we will be demonstrating SmartLipo treatment of a male who is unhappy with the appearance of his neck. Here, you can see the patient in the procedure room already marked and prepped. Markings basically demonstrate the areas of skin tightening that will be performed and demonstrate the area folds that the patient is unhappy with. In the neck, we generally treat only superficially. Here, from the side, again, you could see the folds that the patient is not happy with.

We have now started the laser procedure. When treating the neck, generally I like to make three different incision: one behind each ear and one in the central portion of the neck. This allows plenty of access for the laser to treat the affected area. With the neck, we're generally treating only superficially using the 1320-nanometer laser. Again you can see in this video how superficial we are, since we could see the light and the tip of the laser fiber. We do this in all areas that were marked out, which we showed previously.

The final part of the procedure, we performed standard liposuction in all treated areas. Once we're finished with liposuction, then we place the patient into compression garments, which they will wear for the next several days to weeks, depending on how much and deep the swelling they do develop.

SmartLipo To Treat a Man's Fatty Neck and Chin

Dr. Naveen Setty demonstrates the SmartLipo (laser assisted liposuction) procedure to treat the "double" chin. The neck is a common area for liposuction to be performed.