Surgeon: Alright our patient today is getting smart Lipo of her abdomen and lateral thighs. These are the markings. The grid is for the skin tightening and the green circles are where we are planning on doing our fat removal. Can you turn to your right side for me?

The markings for the left lateral thigh. Could you turn the other way please? We are infiltrating the tumescent fluid right now. We are putting it into the abdomen area with a mixture of lidocain with some epinephrine and some fluid to help decrease some of the bleeding and numb the area. We'll put several of these in.

Female Voice: Four...

Surgeon: This one I'm putting in is number four?

Female Voice: Mm-hm...

Surgeon: OK, so now we're treating the superficial portion and the skin tightening portion just right underneath the skin... skin up to a certain temperature. Rinse that and move on to the next area. See the light skin and how superficial we are.

The last part of the procedure is performing traditional liposuction once the fat has been disrupted by the laser. We use traditional suction methods as can be seen here. You can see here, the quality of the fat is not very much blood, and that's the advantage of using the laser.

SmartLipo on the Abdomen and Thighs

Dr. Naveen Setty demonstrates the SmartLipo procedure on the abdomen and thighs of one of his patients.