Skin tightening on the chest, again, you can use many of the skin tightening technologies, for example, Thermage or Ulthera. If you don’t want any pain, again, the Venus Freeze is an excellent technology that painlessly tightens the skin. EndyMed is also, again, a radio frequency technology that can be used to tighten the skin in an almost painless type of fashion. Those are some of the new generation technologies that are out there to tighten the skin.

If you want to remove brown spots or redness on the chest, again, the two major technologies that are used are either the fractional lasers, you can use the first generation Fraxel laser or you can use the slightly more aggressive micro-ablative fractional laser, depending on whether the damage is very superficial and mild or there’s severe wrinkling and laxity, you can use a non-aggressive first generation Fraxel laser or more aggressive second generation ablative fractional laser.

You can also use the IPL. The Intense Pulse Light is the first technology that our research group helped pioneer. It still is an excellent treatment alternative for treating redness and pigmentation on the chest. Finally if it’s only discreet brown spots that you have on the chest, we still use Q-switch lasers like the Revlite. A single treatment can remove unwanted brown spots on the chest.

The best way is to go in and have a discussion with your dermatologist or cosmetic or plastic surgeon, and then try to tell them exactly what your concern is. Your doctor can actually match the technology that will best fit and give you the best results for your particular concern.

Skin Tightening Treatments for the Chest

Dr. Neil Sadick discuses the pros and cons of the options available for tightening skin on the chest. He also covers what technologies removing brown spots or redness.