Non-surgical skin tightening is very exciting. We've had Thermage and Exilis, Exilis Elite, Venus, Venus Freeze, Venus Legend, and they're all transcutaneous, thermal tightening with radio frequency. We have them all at Marina Plastic Surgery, and they're safe and they're effective. They're used by putting the transducer on the outside of the skin and taking the radio frequency inside and stimulating collagen through heating the skin. Now with Thermi RF, we have another way, another novel way, to tighten the skin, in which we put a small probe under the skin and we actually deliver radio frequency waves underneath the skin directly to the backside of the skin, heating the skin, and causing collagen deposition and tightening of the skin. So Thermi RF allows us direct application of the radio frequency to the skin, thereby tightening it. It's very exciting. It is somewhere between a facelift and the topical RFs.

I've never had Thermi. I've been told that it's warm. I'm looking forward to having Thermi. I will be a Thermi patient shortly. I can certainly use it. We don't know how long it lasts, but we know it does tighten the skin. It's not a substitute for a face lift, but for those that don't want the incisions and the down time of a face lift, Thermi is a great intermediate skin tightening for the neck and lower face.

As in any procedure, there can be some swelling and bruising. It's dependent on the patient. It can be a day to a few days, and you start seeing results within a few weeks.

Skin Tightening Is No Longer Synonymous With a Facelift: Meet ThermiRF

When most people think of tightening the skin of their face, they think of going in for a facelift, but that's not necessary anymore. Dr. Grant Stevens introduces ThermiRF.