I want to talk about a personal interest of mine today which is skin care.
When I started in this business over 10 years ago, my skin problems and
needs were completely different then they have been in the last five years,
eight years, skin changes and I have never found anything that's more
important, that I get to play with all day long than skin care.

You can have all the plastic surgery, all the fillers, all the Botox, all
the laser you want, but if you don't have good skin you're results are
going to look unnatural and even unappealing. There are three components,
kind of the holy trinity of why our skin ages. You know you're not
producing any more collagen. You're skin looks thinner. We actually lose
volume in our tissue as we get older and muscle loss in the face, so you
can't treat one with surgery without treating the other. One with filler
and skin care always come down to the foundation.

When I started here I thought" Oh I'll just get a face lift when I get
older or get wrinkled." I've learned so much since then about how the skin
is probably the most important thing and if you got that going for you, you
don't need as much of the other anyway. So I luckily get to try out a lot
of different things; use a lot of different products and I can tell you
about all different ones all day long but its more about what works for
you. If you're not going to use a Clara sonic, don't get one.

There are some really neat products and tools out there that can treat
whatever your issue is because I don't care if you're 20, 30, 40
everybody's got different issues and it's going to change in the next
couple years.

I had cystic acne in my twenties, that's not an issue for me right now it's
more about preserving collagen, antioxidants, so you've got to keep
learning and tweaking. Luckily we get to spend a lot of time learning what
we prefer here and in turn teach you about it. We've got some great ladies;
estheticians and nurses who are happy to talk to you, just have a chat
about what they recommend. A core group of products that at a minimum we
recommend at Davis Plastic Surgery are a good moisturizer, a good cleanser,
UV skin defense of some sort, sun screen and some sort of cell turnover or
exfoliation whether that be Retina, microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, but
you need to do some skin turnover.

Is Better Skin Care All You Need?

Well cared for skin can make all the difference as you age. Here are some tips from Gretta Handley, Patient Care Manager at Davis Plastic Surgery, on how to keep your skin happy and healthy before you consider plastic surgery.