Dr. Braden Stridde: So here we are with our patient, Haley. It's two days after her surgery, so she's here for her initial post-op visit. Everything's going great. How do you feel?

Haley: Good.

Dr Braden Stridde: Good.

Haley: Pretty good.

Dr. Braden Stridde: Taking some pain medicine?

Haley: A little.

Dr.: Okay. Well, we expect you to take some. We want you to be comfortable. Okay? So everything looks good. Your implants are a little bit high on each side. It's a little flat and tight underneath, which is what we expect. I see you got a tiny little bruise there, but nothing significant. And you still have your markings from surgery. Those can come off with a little rubbing alcohol. Okay? So you can take a shower tomorrow. You can wash over everything. Pat it dry, and then put your bra back on. Okay?

We will see Haley back in a week. She has one little suture to take out underneath on each side. That's no big deal. She's really on her way to a great recovery and everything's going fine.

Sientra's Shaped Breast Implant: Sit In on a Two-Day Post-Op Check-In

Dr. Braden Stridde follows up with his patient two days after her breast augmentation surgery to check his work and make sure she is comfortable.