Hi, Dr. Braden Stridde, medical director of Puget Sound Plastic Surgery. And I'm here to talk to you today about supernatural breast augmentation with the new generation of Sientra highly cohesive, anatomically shaped silicone gel implants. I like these new Sientra implants because they have a very nice natural shape and the highly cohesive gel does a very good job of shaping the breast in a very natural anatomic way. We're going to move ahead here in just a few moments and visit with our patient Haley and go through some discussion about her anatomy and marking for her surgery. There are a couple of little things that made us choose this particular implant in her situation. So one of those things is that the lower part of her breast is slightly underdeveloped. The distance from here to here is relatively short. And so we need to make that a little bit longer and give her more fullness underneath. So that's one of the things we want to accomplish with her surgery.

One other particular thing in her situation is that she has a relatively long torso and her breasts are located a little bit lower on her chest wall. Her nipple position is slightly below the midpoint of her arm here, which is normally that would be just a little bit higher. This particular implant is a little bit taller than it is wide. And so that implant is going to come up a little bit higher on her chest wall. It's going to give her a little bit more fullness up above and it will help fill in this upper part of her chest a little bit better. When planning somebody's surgery, now only do we talk to them about their goals are, what they're looking for, but we also need to look really carefully at their anatomy. So it's not that one size fits all, you know, that this particular implant is the implant to use for everybody. That's not the case. What we want to do is pick the implant that really works best for her specific circumstances.

Sientra's Shaped Breast Implant: Implant Choice and Goal Setting

Dr. Braden Stridde explains the pre-operative marking process and what his goals are for this breast augmentation surgery.