Hi, I'm Dr. Wyandotte here in Seattle with the answer to a question that we get on a fairly regular basis, and that is "Is it wise to wait until after you've had kids to have a breast augmentation?" And my answer is always, "Why would you wait?"

Women who have had breast augmentation tell me that their confidence goes up. They have less problem wearing clothing, and waiting until after you have kids you might be waiting forever because you may never have kids. So don't wait, go ahead and get them. Enjoy your breasts and when you have kids, we'll deal with it.

Basically, the answer there is you just don't want to gain a lot of weight, and when you're finished having children your breasts will look great. And you'll still be happy with your breast augmentation. So I hope that helps.

Should You Wait to Get Breast Implants Until You're Finished Having Kids?

Dr. Brian Windle explains that there is no good reason to wait to have a breast augmentation. Breast implants are generally unaffected by pregnancy and breastfeeding.