The thing about the nose is that it's really, really powerful. What I love about the nose is that you can really... I mean all plastic surgeries are powerful and life-changing but the rhinoplasty or the nose job is probably the most single procedure, most powerful procedure you can do. And one of those elements is reducing the hump. A nose can be very simply operated on or very complex and the reduction of the hump, or as patients will say, shaving down the bump on their nose, it really depends on what you're trying to get, what the goals are. The way I approach all surgery, rhinoplasty is no different, is I go about it from reverse. I go about it from the standpoint of "What don't I want it to look like?" And so I think a lot of patients have an image of what they want but they can tell you for sure what they don't want it to look like. So the goal is to give it a natural profile. So it depends on if you like a straight, more classic nose or slightly scooped, and I say slightly because the tell-tale sign is an over-scooped nose. So I really try to make sure that the result is harmonious with the face, your ethnic background, etc. So, as with almost all the procedures we do, a lot of patients want to keep it private and it's understandable. They just want to have it be a personal experience and we try to help them figure out what's the best way to do that. The best way is by planning. Of course make-up and things like that will help, but the reality is that if you have your nose done, you're going to have some swelling. So my best advice is that if you want no one to know, you need to give yourself about 10 days to two weeks where you stay clear of the people you love and you don't want to know. Other than that, you should really be able to go back and have nobody know. Most often the response you hear from patients is I say, "Well, what did people think?" They said, "They just said, wow, you look good and did you color your hair?" Or something really that's nothing to do with the nose. But just make sure you give yourself ample time to recover.

Shaving Down the Bump on the Nose For a Natural Look

Dr. Rady Rahban explains his reverse tactic of approaching a rhinoplasty procedure and provides a few tips of keeping your nose job under wraps, if you're more on the private side.