Hi. I'm Dr. Michael Zadeh, Board Certified Surgeon and owner of the Z Center for Cosmetic Health in Sherman Oaks, California.

One of the amazing treatments we offer here is Ultherapy, which is a non-surgical FDA approved way to tighten the skin of the face and neck. The way Ultherapy works is that it uses ultrasound to deliver heat energy precisely to the layer of the skin that contains your collagen, which is what's responsible for giving your skin its tightness and elasticity. So we have an Ultherapy machine here and let me show you how it works.

This is the transducer, here. When placed on the skin, the transducer will show us the different layers of the skin. This is the dermis where all of the collagen is located, so we know that our energy needs to be delivered right here. The ultrasound in the device will let us see this so we can precisely and safely deliver the energy. Ultherapy works by stimulating collagen. And the way it does that, is that gradually, over time, your skin starts to rebuild collagen causing the tightness and firmness. This is what separates it from laser procedures such as Fraxel and Thermage. The ultrasound lets us see precisely where we need to deliver the energy and it helps us bypass the skin, so there's less risk of hyperpigmentation and burning.

Take a look at some before and after pictures of clients we've done here at the Z Center for Cosmetic Health with the Ultherapy treatment.

Ultherapy: See What Your Surgeon Sees During the Treatment

Dr. Michael Zadeh discusses how the FDA-approved Ultherapy treatment works to tighten, lift, and tone loose skin.