Patients are always concerned about the healing period. So here is a woman before surgery and two weeks after surgery with makeup. She will still have some minor degree of bruising, but she's able to function. If you look at her time progression, right here is what she looked like one day after surgery. All the patients have this redness. This is not bruising. This is some skin irritation from the treatments we use to try to prevent the bruising. So this is 24 hours after surgery. This photo here is five days after surgery when she came back in to have her sutures removed. You can see she has some bruising around her chin, in her lower neck, bruising does track down, still swollen, but getting to where she should be able to function. This is day eight when she comes back, and again you can see the swelling's coming down, the bruising is resolving. And day 14 with makeup.

See What Facelift Bruising and Swelling Looks Like After Surgery

Dr. Mark Glasgold reviews photos of a patient through the early post-operative period looking at bruising and swelling.