This next product is Sculptra. This is an injectable volumizer. It's injectable polylactic acid. Basically it's made from material that we make absorbable sutures from. It's ground up into a powder form. And you can see here, it's power form. I reconstitute this by mixing it with water and numbing medicine and that makes it into a solution. This in turn is injected into the face in order to add volume.

This is a really nice product for adding volume into the entire face. So I don't go to this product when I am trying to fill a line. If I am trying to fill a line, I reach for some of the other products that I have available. But for adding volume to the entire face, Sculptra is really excellent. What's nice about Sculptra is that it has a very, very long duration. The results should last over two years.

In order to get that type of duration, you need multiple treatments. So depending on how severe the problem is or how much volume we are trying to add. Most of my patients require anywhere from two to four treatment sessions done about a month apart. After those treatment sessions, the body replaces this product with its own collagen. So it's really a way for the body to build up its own collagen, and make it skin and the deep tissues thicker without having an artificial product there. So that's why a lot of my patients like it. But it does require multiple treatments.

And the other important thing is Sculptra is not used by everybody. Make sure that you go to a physician who is experienced specifically with Sculptra because there's a lot of technique involved in this. So you really want, you want to make sure the person who is injecting you has a lot of experience using this product. So that you can avoid some of the common complications such as lumps or bumps if it is injected incorrectly.

Sculptra Injectable Volumizer

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Sculptra.