Patients come in all the time and ask about the difference between saline and silicone implants, and they're not really sure what the right answer is for them. So when I talk to them about those implants, I tell them that it really depends on their tissue characteristics and their desires with regard to their overall goal, and we make a decision together.

I believe saline implants are better than silicone when feel is not as important to the patient as much as just getting volume. For example, if somebody is going to have implants under the muscle or what we call subpectoral, and if they already have a fair amount of breast tissue and if they don't want to go particularly large, which is common in my practice, I do a lot of mommy makeovers type surgeries. So if they don't want to go real big and they have some breast tissue to begin with, then I kind of lean more towards recommending saline filled implants. If they have minimal breast tissue, they're particularly thin, they maybe want to go on the larger side, then I'll recommend that they use a silicone implant.

Saline or Silicone: Ask Yourself How Big You Want to Go

Dr. James Chappell answers one of the most popular questions surrounding breast implants: saline or silicone?