A Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is very appropriate for skin tightening. Sometimes people come in and they only want the skin tightened. I tell them that if they want to do that I will do it. It does lessen the recovery time, shorten the recovery time by a couple of weeks. In other words you can get back to a normal routine in two weeks as opposed to closer to four or six which is what I would tell people if they're having the muscle tightened at the same time.

Honestly, most people are getting the muscle tightened at the same time. I tell them while they're under, it's just really, you might as well just do it. But there are a few people, especially if they have excellent muscle tone who will tell me to not do the muscle tightening, and that's fine. Again, it's a decision between the patient and myself. It's really what the patient wants and how I can guide them best.

Did You Know That a Tummy Tuck Doesn't Have to Include Muscle Tightening?

Dr. James Chappell explains that a standard tummy tuck procedure generally includes tightening of the ab muscles but a patient can opt to forgo this step if they choose.