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  • Sagging Breasts May Require a Mastopexy
In terms of the conical sagging breasts, we often have to combine a mastopexy procedure, which is a breast lift to go with the breast augmentation. That, depending on the degree of sagging, it helps us determine the shape of the incision. Very small lifts, you can do with a crescent or just a circumareolar meaning just around the nipple, really complex type of lift. I generally only do that for one, maybe two centimeters.

Larger lifts, maybe require a lollipop-shaped incision. I deal with a lot of massive weight loss patients, women who have lost 100, 150, 200 pounds. They need full what's called a Wise pattern shaped like a inverted T.

So, it just depends on the degree of stretch that's present and the quality of the skin that's present on the breast.

Sagging Breasts May Require a Mastopexy

Sagging breasts may require any number of breast lift incision techniques, so Dr. Stephen Chen explains each in detail and when each might be used.