Liposuction is a very wide field. There are numerous options to consider when trying to pick the type of technology involved for liposuction. First and foremost, ultimately there are some minor differences between the different technologies, but the main determinant of how successful someone's going to be from a liposuction procedure is the skill of the surgeon. All the different techniques, whether it's standard tumescent liposuction, laser assisted, ultrasonic liposuction, they all depend on debulking the fat and allowing the skin to redrape in order to have the desired shape. Certain other technologies claim more degree of tissue retraction. Some of this may or may not be true. I think it's still undecided in terms of the science behind it. I personally enjoy using the Vaser liposuction. I think it helps emulsify the fat. I think of it as shaking grapes off of the vine and it preserves all of the stroma that the fat is attached to. By using the Vaser I can very carefully tailor the areas that are treated for fat reduction while leaving behind the good connective tissue.

All of the Liposuction Options and Which Is the Best?

Dr. Stephen Chen covers many of the available liposuction procedures available to consumers, noting that Vaser is his favorite and why.