Hi, everyone. My name is Amanda Sanzone, Dr. Schulman's medical aesthetician. I was going to talk a little bit more about the Dermaplane treatment that is one of the most popular treatments in our office.

The Dermaplane is done with this instrument that you see here. It's a number-10 surgical blade. As much as it might not look like it, the treatment is completely painless and requires no downtime at all. A few benefits of this treatment is that you know, number one, it does require no downtime. A lot of times, other exfoliating treatments like microdermabrasion which can be great for some people, those with sensitive skin or skin that's prone to redness, people with rosacea. That vacuum suction from the microdermabrasion can be a little bit too irritating or stimulating on the skin causing more redness, causing more broken capillaries. The Dermaplane is a great alternative to get that exfoliation without all that added stimulation.

The treatment is done by prepping and de-greasing your skin first. Then your skin is stretched really tightly, and that surgical blade is gently scraped across the surface. In addition to all of the dead, dull skin cells that it's removing, a nice benefit is that it's also removing the peach fuzz, all of the fine baby hair that everyone has on their face. Everyone always asks whether or not their hair is going to grow back darker or thicker or faster, and it absolutely won't. This can't affect the follicle. It's not going to make your hair grow back any differently. You're not going to leave with a beard afterwards. It will remove that hair, and then the hair will just grow back exactly how it was before, after three or four weeks.

The treatment really leaves your skin very smooth. The texture will improve, you know, immediately, and it's one of those kind of instant gratification treatments. You can see how much dead skin comes off immediately. This treatment can be combined with other treatments like IPL or chemical peels to really enhance the benefits and get that much more of a result, helping with things like discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles or it can be done alone as an exfoliating treatment done every three or four weeks. Some people even call it the lunch time treatment. They come on their lunch break, and then they're able to return to work immediately afterwards.

As you can see, these are the reasons why the Dermaplane treatment has become one of the most popular in our office, and I hope you enjoyed the video.

Rid Your Face of Peach Fuzz and Dead Skin With a Dermaplane Treatment

Amanda Sanzone, an aesthetician with Dr. Matthew Schulman's office, explains Dermaplane, which is a gentle treatment for patients with sensitive skin who want to clear away the dead skin cells and peach fuzz from their face.