Dr. William Portuese: Hi, this is Dr. William Portuese here in Seattle, Washington. I'm a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Today we're talking about new trends in facial plastic surgery that we're seeing in our practice.

We are starting to see more and more combinations of chin implant and rhinoplasty in our practice. Five and ten years ago, we had to suggest chin implant to a patient when they came in for consultation. Now however, they come in asking for that chin implant with the rhinoplasty at the same time.

The advantage of a chin implant rhinoplasty combination is that it gives better facial balance by increasing the projection of the chin and decreasing the projection of the nose. Here is a patient we've performed both a rhinoplasty and chin implant on and here's our 3-quarter profile.

Here's another 28-year-old female who we've performed a chin implant rhinoplasty up on, increase the chin projection, decrease the nasal projection, and here's a 30-year-old gentleman who had the same combination of both rhinoplasty and chin for better facial balance. Thank you.

Rhinoplasty With Chin Implant

Doctor William Portuese talks about the new trend in facial surgery to have a chin implant with a rhinoplasty.