Dr. Epstein: Hi, I'm Dr. Epstein. I'm here with my patient, Cynthia, who is now... How many days did we do your surgery?

Cynthia: Ten.

Dr. Epstein: Around 10 days. She's 10 days out from her rhinoplasty. Let's take a look and see her before photos. Her concerns were she had a rather wide underfined tip, broad nostrils, a wide nasal bridge. You can see her profile, she had an overprojected dorsum profile. Her tip drooped a little bit. Just didn't have just an overall nice aesthetic look. She was looking for a more refined look and here she is 10 days post-op. How are you today?

Cynthia: I'm really good.

Dr. Epstein: Okay. She's really happy. Let me show you what we did on her. We did an external approach. Stitches have already been removed. She's 10 days out. You can barely, if at all, see the incision. I also did weirs to narrow the nostrils, alar base reductions. You can barely, if at all, see those incisions anymore, but let's go ahead and see your nose.

Now she's just 10 days out. She's got a little bit of fullness in the supratip, which you can see that huge improvement that she has. You can see the before. Here she is. Can you have your chin down just a little bit there?Big smile for me. Tip is nice and projected.

What I did here to build up her nose was I took some cartilage from inside the septum, put it right in here which is called the strut so she now has a nice strongly defined tip, refined it. Overall you can see how she's doing. Her bridge is still swollen. She's gonna come in there. Everything is doing great. We're gonna put a little medicine and that will will start to help this supratip fullness to go away. What's been your experience? Tell us how...

Cynthia: It was great. It was great, I mean, I had a little bit of swelling but I did not have any pain at all. I would do all over again.

Dr. Epstein: We don't have to anymore.

Cynthia: I know but it was a really good experience and I don't regret it at all.

Dr. Epstein: Are you happy?

Cynthia: I'm very happy. It changed my life.

Dr. Epstein: Not yet, but soon. Anyway she'll be ready for next year's Ultra.

Cynthia: Yes, I will.

Rhinoplasty To Correct Droopy Tip, Broad Nostrils, Wide Bridge

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient who was displeased with the overall aesthetic of her nose. With the changes made, she is a happy patient who says her rhinoplasty "changed her life."