Dr. Epstein: Hi, this is Dr. Epstein. I'm with a patient who's two weeks post rhinoplasty. She had a bunch of issues with the nose; very pretty girl just concerned about the crookedness off to the right side. She had a rather under projected tip, a lot of asymmetry. You can see her tip sort of drooped and she had a bump. When she smiled, her tip really showed. What I did during surgery was basically to strengthen her where her tip here so I rotated it up conservatively but enough so it would stay strong. It took a bit of cartilage from inside the nose to help strengthen it. Took down the pump, narrowed her tip, reset the bones. Did a lot a sculpting; just did a lot of work here to restore symmetry.

I just took her splint off; she hasn't even seen her nose yet. Let me just show you what we've done for her. You can see that she's got... Let's see the frontal view first. She's got a nice straight view, it's nice and straight, she's got a much more projected tip. You can see from the bottom how she's only, I did an external approach, and she's around two weeks out so you can see how nice the incision healed up. And then you can see in profile, turn down just a little bit.

You can the before and then the after. Give me a smile. See how her tip doesn't drop nearly so much? And that's there. And now, because I like showing my patients this part, you get to take a look and see.

Female Speaker: Wow. Yeah, you can tell like 100% difference with the narrowness here. Yeah, it looks awesome. It really, really does.

Dr. Epstein: It came out nice. You see how the tip is nice and defined now? It doesn't droop down anymore, the narrowness and also the straightening.

Patient: Yeah, it really looks great.

Dr. Epstein: I'm glad. This is Dr. Epstein. I'm going to go talk to my patient now.

Rhinoplasty Reveal: Surgery Fixes Dorsal Hump, Underprojected Tip, and Wide Bridge

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein invites us to observe the reveal of a patient's rhinoplasty results. She had presented with a wide bridge, a bump on her nose, and an underprojected tip.