Garrett A. Wirth, MD: Rhinoplasty is probably one of the most technically challenging aspects for plastic surgeons. I think that's why there are plenty of people who have moved away from it in the past. It just happens to be another passion of mine for a number of different reasons.

Again in some ways it's like the breast augmentation patient. She's done a lot of anlysis, she's really considered what she wants, and in general she knows what she loves and doesn't love, whether it be in photographs or whether it be in the mirror. So there are certain things that will come in and then it's a matter of putting those pieces together. What is she looking for and what's going to be the right balance. Because this is really the central aspect of the face. It gathers a lot of attention. On the other hand, if it's done right, people don't stare at the nose anymore. Or they know that people aren't looking in that direction when they're communicating with the person in a conversation. And all of a sudden it releases that burden in their life. They say, "I just know." In their heart they just know. "I look great. I have a proper balance on my nose for the rest of my face and it's exactly what I wanted."

Achieving that goal, that's dynamic, that's amazing and it's a very precise, extremely precise operation. It must be done by somebody very well qualified to do it, with outstanding track record of results and it's got to be done absolutely in coordination for the patient's desires.

Rhinoplasty: Restoring Confidence One Nose at a Time

The nose, as the central-most feature of the face, can both lift up and tear down a person's confidence. Because of this, the art of rebuilding or reshaping the nose by rhinoplasty can make a major difference in a person's life.