I really feel that most women come in with a very good idea of what they want. It's rarely the woman who comes in spur of the moment. She's taken some time, she's talked to her friends. In particular, in Los Angeles and Orange County, there's a great deal of interaction between women in terms of, "I got saline," or, "I got silicone." "I like the round." "I have smooth." "I have different types of implants." So, there's really a great amount of information that they have already come in with.

Beyond that, it's really just a matter of me taking the time to make sure I understand exactly what they're looking for. So, we're going to take the time and make a decision. What are they starting with, what's their natural breast dimensions, and, most importantly, what are their goals going forward? Some women want a little bit more of a look that they're full, especially maybe in that upper pole. Some women will come in and say, "I don't want that at all. I really want that natural shape. I don't want anybody to know for sure that I had something done, but I want them to look at me knowing I look that good." And that'll determine the newer placements of the anatomic or shaped implants.

This has just been a huge paradigm shift from years ago in my training to what I'm doing now. There used to be a lot more time where people had to wait and limit their activities and wear all sorts of support garments, things like that. It's really not the case anymore. I get the patients moving right away in recovery room. They're going back to normal activities at a much more rapid pace. The implants really kind of just go right where I put them. It's about getting that hand-in-glove type fit, getting that perfect implant sized up at the front end so that it can sit right where it's supposed to afterwards. With that in place, especially with some of the textured implants, things like that, that we can go ahead and say, "Hey, let's get you back to normal activities," at a really rapid rate now. So within days, women are regaining normal activity.

Breast Augmentation: Consultation to Recovery

Dr. Garrett Wirth explains the discussion process between the patient and surgeon in the consultation as well as the drastic changes in recovery expectations over the past few years.