Dr. Epstein: I'm with a happy patient who's six weeks status post-rhinoplasty, a wonderful candidate, very pretty facial structure, just concerned about her nose. You can bring it in, Cindy. She's primarily concerned about the width, the wideness of her tip, a little bit of crookedness, wide bridge. You can see on her profile views. Actually this is the computer imaging. That's her before, and when she smiled her tip really drooped, which fortunately doesn't happen. In fact, just one second. I'll get those other pictures to show her smiling photo.

And here you go. This is a nice view, and actually this shows also some of the other issues. You see when she smiles ,her tip drooped, and you can see the profile. So, this is before. The tip was somewhat wide. Anyway went ahead and did primarily tip work, now the nostrils, now the bridge, and smoothed out the profile. And here she is just six weeks post-op with the smile.

Anyway, you can see the difference. You know, I was able to achieve a nice reduction there. Bridge was brought in. What I'm really happy about,\ and she's happy about is the profile. She had an over-projected tip that was set back. Also, when she smiles - go, smile for me - doesn't droop really. There's a little bit, but you see how it used to. Now, it stays up pretty much nicely. What I really like with her nose, she has a nice super tip break. So, she's got this nice tip, a little depression or a little indent there, and then the rest of her bridge. So, everything is really nice.

From the bottom - chin up - she's healed up. You can barely see the incisions. Everything is healed up nicely. Perfect model. Tada.

Patient: Tada.

Dr. Epstein: Anyway, this is Dr. Epstein showing the results of a rhinoplasty six weeks post-op. I'm going to do a little steroid injection, help a little of the swelling in the tip go down, and we'll continue to watch her.

Rhinoplasty Repairs a Wide Bridge, Dorsal Hump, and Droopy Tip

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient just 6 weeks post-op with a brand new nose finally free of a dorsal hump and droopy tip.