Hi, it's Dr. Epstein with a patient who's around five weeks out from a rhinoplasty. She's very tall and you can appreciate that. You can see what she presented with. Can you see that pretty well? Concerned about the lack of definition of her nose, it was crooked. You see how boxy her tip was? You see on the profile, she had a big bump, and there's the bump when she smiles.

Here she is now, five weeks post-op. She's happy. You can see the improvement we were able to get. Now, she's still early, it's only five weeks out. Everything is still healing in, but you see how wide she was and now you see that. Look from the bottom view, see how boxy it was before, and you see how much more refined it is. Here's the money shot, you can see her before and then her after. She's really healing up beautifully. She's got a nice profile, pretty upturned tip.

Smile for me, sweetie. Good, relax.

You can see how she basically is given a nice straight look is what she was looking for with a well-defined tip. You see how you couldn't really see the tip very well there? Now, in profile, she's got this well-defined tip that just sticks out just a little bit more with what's called a supra tip break, that little indentation. Anyway, she's very happy. Oh, by the way, it was done by the external approach. You can't even see the incisions, she's healed up nicely. Anyway, she's five weeks out from a rhinoplasty.

This is Dr. Epstein. Just wanted to show the results how things heal up, you know, with a relatively short term after a rhinoplasty. Thank you very much.

Rhinoplasty Post-Op: Results Revealed Five Weeks After Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein meets with a patient to discuss the progress that has been made five weeks after her rhinoplasty surgery.