Dr. Epstein: I'm with the patient exactly one week from her rhinoplasty. In fact, her splint just came off. This was on her and we just took it off today, took out her stitches and we put some tape on her nose.

Let's get this first one. Come here first, Cindy. Take a look at her before photos. She was concerned primarily about a tip that drooped, especially when she smile. Her baseline was a little droopy. She had a little bit of a bump, a slight deviation of the whole nose over to the right or to the left, excuse me, and somewhat of a boxy undefined tip.

What I did on her was a little more challenging technique, but looks perfect for her. It's called a tongue-in-groove like a septal caudal extension graft. Basically I took the septum and made it longer and then I secured what's called the medial crura, the columella to the septum so it stays there. Then I did tip refining.

Anyway here she is. Let's see your profile first. This is what I really like. We've got a nice double break right here. She's a little swollen here 'cause she's only exactly a week out. Smile for me. See how the tip doesn't droop anymore. She's got a nice upturned tip, bumps been taken down. For a frontal view, this is where she's really swollen but that's all gonna go down. Her bridge was also brought in as well, so you could see her before and after how the tip already looks better. From the bottom view, this is where the columella incision was made. It's healing up beautifully. Also did some weirs or alar base narrowing to bring these in. Anyway she is, as I said, a week out. She's happy.

Female: Extremely.

Dr. Epstein: She's extremely happy. I'm really happy. She'll have the tape on for another couple of days and she should basically be fully presentable. She'd be able to resume normal activities in probably another week or so other than things like kickboxing and other things where she is hitting her nose which she's not allowed to do for another five.

Rhinoplasty One Week Recovery: Septal Lengthening and Tip Refinement

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains the process for correcting a patient who presented with a droopy, box tip; a left-leaning septal deviation; and a small dorsal hump. The patient is one week post-surgery.