Hi, this is Dr. Portuese in Seattle. And today, we're talking about reducing the bulbous tip during the rhinoplasty procedure. The bulbous tip is created when patients have a very wide or divergent tip cartilages that they're naturally born with. To narrow that wide and divergent tip, we use suture techniques through close rhinoplasty by suturing the cartilages together of the nasal tip.

These are known as the lower lateral cartilages. The tip is refined and narrowed. And then sometimes, we actually remove a conservative amount of cartilage as well. The following shows some examples of how we have reduced the bulbous tip. This patient had removal of cartilage, as well as the suturing techniques. This patient also had the same, where she had cartilage removal and suture techniques applied to the lower lateral cartilages. Here is another example. This patient also had cartilage removal in combination with suture techniques. Thank you for listening.

Rhinoplasty and Reduction of the Bulbous Tip

Dr. William Portuese describes the process of reducing the pronouncement of a bulbous tip. This requires a suturing technique to bring together the cartilage at the tip of the nose, thereby narrowing the appearance.