Hi, I'm Dr. Epstein. I'm here with the patient five weeks status post rhinoplasty. Pretty gore to begin with, and I think as a result of her rhinoplasty, some of other features were really drawn out. You can see what she had before. You can bring that in a little bit. She had a rather wide nose, not terrible. You see it's rather roundish, what we call a boxy tip, overprojected dorsum. She had a bump. When she smiles, her tip droops.

Here she is just five weeks post-op and here she is smiling a pretty smile. You see, she had a rather underfined tip. Here, it's much better defined now. She's only five weeks out, so it's still early but basically I brought in her bridge, I refined her tip underneath, went ahead and she got a well-healing incision down there. It's still a little red.

She's around five weeks out. This is her profile. Turn this way. You see the difference. Big smile. You see, when she's smiling, her tip is now standing up. She's got a well-defined super tip. She's got a little bit of fullness here, but I think that's mostly skin fullness, not cartilage. We're just gonna watch that. I'm actually probably gonna put a little steroid in here. Overall you can see... You don't need to smile anymore.

So anyway you see how she just has just that nice defined look. Of course for our frontal view, this is really what we're looking for. She's happy and obviously I am. This is Dr. Epstein to show you the result five weeks status post.

Rhinoplasty 5 Week Post-Op Results

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a woman in her 5th week of rhinoplasty recovery. She had bridge narrowing, dorsal hump reduction, and a droopy tip fixed.