Hi, I'm doctor Adam Oppenheimer and I'm a plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida. This is a question about the tummy tuck in relation to a previous scar on the abdomen. In general, the area between the belly button and the pubic hairline is the area that's removed with a tummy tuck. So, any scars that exist in that area are also going to be removed as well as any skin or stretchmarks that are present in that area.

The tummy tuck usually involves two separate procedures. People mostly know about the one procedure where you remove the skin, but the procedure that most people don't know about is the internal corset or the tightening of the muscles that's also a component of most tummy tucks. And this is the part of the surgery that actually decreases your waistline and gives you more of an hourglass figure in addition to removing unwanted skin.

In patients who haven't had children that have unsightly scars in the lower abdomen, a tummy tuck may not be the best option and a scar revision may be indicated instead. Depressed scars can usually be treated with simple excision and repair. This is something that could be done in the office, but tummy tucks, of course, do require a general anesthesia.

Hopefully this helps. Thanks so much for watching.

Want an Hourglass Figure? A Tummy Tuck Might Be For You

Most people are aware of the aspect of skin removal during a tummy tuck, but as Dr. Adam Oppenheimer reveals, another part of the process can help create that sexy hourglass figure.